Helping Parents and Their Teens Find The Most Successful Path After High School

Spoiler Alert: College is Not Always The Best Answer

Losing Sleep About Your Teen’s Plan (Or Lack Of)
After High School Graduation?

You Know It’s Time to Send Your Teen into the World, but You Lie Awake at Night Worrying about What This Will Look Like for Them


Where is the help for families of teens who need another option other than a 4-year college? Guidance counselors typically focus on college options, so the support feels limited.


Your teen senses that college isn’t the best choice but is unsure what else to do post-high school. As friends and peers celebrate getting acceptance letters, they feel uncertain and worry about their next steps.


You’re preoccupied with preparing your teen for a successful future but don’t know where to turn for the proper support.

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Life After High School Can Be Filled With Uncertainty. Believe Me, I Know...​

Liz Lewine, Career Coach for Teens and Young Adults

Determining the right move after high school can be overwhelming. I know first-hand. I went from being a teen with no direction and not knowing my path for the future to thriving as a successful corporate recruiter for many companies, including Spotify, SiriusXM, Disney Interactive, and NBCUniversal. Now, my passion is to help teens create their paths.

As your teen coach, my job is to:
• Ensure that your teenager has a clear plan after graduation and that they feel excited about it.
• Help them identify and develop marketable strengths, skills, and passions to apply to their future.
• Help them understand the job environment so they can crush it.
• Act as a family facilitator to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Signature Coaching Program

What's Next After High School? Coaching Program

A Customized Path for a Confident, Successful Future

What’s Next After High School? Exciting Alternatives to a Traditional College Path Coaching Program for Teens.

A Customized Plan for a Confident and Successful Future

I Help Teens: My mission is to empower teenagers to find their unique paths to success, focusing on alternatives to the traditional 4-year school route which may not align with their strengths and needs.

Do More Than Cope: Through my specialized coaching program, I provide personalized guidance, strategies, and unwavering support to help teens thrive. Together, we will discover their passions, tap into their potential, and unlock alternative avenues for growth.

So That They Can Thrive: Through our collaboration, my clients gain self-confidence and cultivate a lasting sense of purpose that transcends traditional educational trajectories. I empower them with the essential skills and a growth mindset to excel in their chosen alternative paths, paving the way for a more fulfilling future. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

Ready to Begin and Shape Success through Alternative Paths to a Traditional College?

Empowering Teens to Forge Their Own Future: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Non-Traditional Routes, Embracing Unique Opportunities, and Thriving Beyond the Conventional College Experience

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Know you and your teen are NOT alone.

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